Was it good luck, fate, or just meant to be?


I am a mom, wife, daughter, and friend, who works full-time, does volunteer work and juggles triathlon training with all that a busy life has to throw at me. I’ll be sharing my journey as I work toward my goal…Ironman!

November 2, 2017 two things happened. First, my position at work was eliminated. Second, I found out that I was awarded 3 months of free training from TriEqual.org, an organization dedicated to equality for women and triathlon.

Back up…In Aug 2015, I crossed the finish line of an Ironman race. 140.6 miles of swim, bike, and run. It was a goal that I wasn’t sure I could accomplish, but was determined to give it my all. Prior to that race, I attended DTN, Chris Draper’s Lake Placid training camp and met an amazing endurance athlete and coach, Maria Simone. She and her husband are endurance athlete superstars with a list of finish lines and podium finishes that leave me in awe. I was super impressed with Maria. She’s my age, super humble, funny, and shared her story of being a middle of the pack, age group triathlete (that’s me!) to a podium finisher (that’s my dream!), punching her card to the Kona Ironman (limited to those age groupers that qualify and a few celebrities too). She sparked within me a dream, that maybe one day I could go to Kona too. I stress “one day” because I would have to take several hours off of my current finish time. Though my mantra is “Anything is Possible!”

Summer of 2016, I read about TriEqual and their quest to get 50 women to Kona and increase triathlon participation by women. They are offering free coaching to women that can represent who they are. What the heck, right? I throw my hat in the ring. A girl can dream…

Return to November — My head was spinning. I have 2 teens in high school with college on the horizon. My income is crucial to our family and our lifestyle. I am also signed up for Ironman Lake Placid in July 2017. (For those that don’t know, it’s an expensive hobby!) How will I train, will I find a job, and what does my future hold??? When I am stressed I do 2 things – turn to faith and a good swim, bike, or run to help me think.

BOOM! Best news ever—As luck and fate would have it, I find out that the coach I am paired with for TriEqual…is Maria Simone‼! Yipppeee‼! Was it luck, fate, or just meant to be? Since I don’t have an income, we decide to wait until Dec 26th to start my coaching and journey to Lake Placid. So the journey begins…Can’t wait to share with you my journey and experience as I work to take an hour off my first Ironman finish time and keep chipping away. Kona for me is there, in the distance – really far, but it’s there.


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