When in doubt…


I’ll be the first to admit that doubt and fear creep into my mind. Sometimes it happens when I am looking at my training schedule for the week or the month and wonder how I will get through the training plus life (work, family, errands, sleep etc). It also creeps in when I think about the race itself. My heart starts to beat fast whenever I think of the swim (open water plus swimming with other people terrify me!) and I always wonder what running a marathon on tired legs will feel like. Truth be told, a stand-alone marathon is pretty grueling for me. I am pretty good at getting myself out of those thoughts by sharing my anxiety to get it off my mind and then focusing on what I need to do today. It’s about having faith, trusting the training process, listening to my coach and my body – all of which I can do!

When I am feeling an injury, well that’s when doubt is much harder to fight off. Earlier in my training I had a spasm in my glute. It was debilitating and left me barely walking for a week! It has since healed about 95% and I am careful and mindful about stretching and rolling it out.

Now I am dealing with shoulder pain. Swimming seems like the perfect exercise for your body. It’s low impact, great for cardiovascular fitness, and building strength. However, when your freestyle stroke is off and you are swimming 3 days a week, it can lead to injury. So I am taking down my swim volume, icing my shoulder, doing trigger releases for muscles that are tight to help relieve the pain, and of course scheduling a massage. The massage has now become mandatory through the end of training – woo hoo!

So what’s a girl in training to do when doubt creeps in over a shoulder injury???

Buy a new wetsuit of course! I already have an awesome Blue Seventy sleeveless wetsuit, but it will be cold in the lake up in Canada so I needed some new gear! I have a few friends that have “extra” swimsuits – aka – bought and didn’t like the fit, but unfortunately they weren’t my size either. So my new Xterra suit is reminding me that the rubber will provide some buoyancy and that as long as I am taking care of my shoulder, this should be just another small bump in the road.

Last weekend we had our first 62-mile ride! It was glorious! I do love riding. J After the ride, it was all about food and some couch time.

Less than 16 weeks to go! Praying my parts stay together, my mind stays strong, and I’m staying focused on what I can control today.


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